157in Cord Cover Raceway Kit


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Organize Messy Cables Neatly: Use the Delamu cord hider, a cord cover that will make your house look neat, to hide and organize conspicuous cords in your home and office. After installing Delamu cord management, you'll love having a tidy home or office with more room to move around

A Safer Space for Kids and Pets: Hide cables with the Delamu cord hider wall to protect your pets and children from the cords they would play with. Our tv wire hider ensures that all spaces with electronics are safe for kids and pets

Simple and Easy Installation: No need for professional help, with its easy-to-use cord concealer instructions, all the messy wire problems in your space can be solved with Delamu wire covers for cords. With just one small change, your living room gets a new look

Premium Quality Cord Hiders: High-quality cord hiders are not just empty words. Delamu wire management uses high-quality PVC material. Our cable hiders are sturdier, unbreakable, free of impurities, no color differences, etc

Cuttable and Paintable: Our wall cord cover with a simplistic appearance to blend in seamlessly with your home decor. You can paint the cable channel the same color as your walls and easily cut the cord hider to any desired length. Decorate your living room with the Delamu cord hider wall mounted tv

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Hiding your ugly cables for any room

Pay Attention:

Our tape is very sticky and it is best to plan your route before installing the raceway to prevent damage to the wall when removing the tape for reinstallation. It is better not to remove it after installation;

If you must remove the tape for some reason, peel it off slowly (or use a knife to assist in removing the tape gently);

The tape could NOT be used on textured walls.

Easily to hide 2-3 cables - HDMI Cables, Speaker Cables, TV/Ethernet Cables, Home & Office Wiring and More


157in Cord Cover Raceway Kit
157in Cord Cover ...
Save -29% $21.29 $29.98